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Quanell X Makes Racist Statements

Im sure all of you have heard about the Houston man who shot 2 burglars in his neighbors yard. This has created a national controversy about whether this was in fact the defense of another persons property or premeditated murder. In the state of texas, it is legal to protect the property of another person with the use of lethal force. This man has not been charged with any crime. However, Black Separatist Quanell X has grandstanded this issue proclaiming that the man fullknowingly took the law into his own hands and murdered these 2 criminals. He also said the the man was a quote " rodeo redneck cowboy." who was "looking to kill someone." Some could say that Quanell's statement is a derogatory racist term aimed at white people. This terminology to some could be just as offensive as the N word. WHAT DO YOU THINK? Click to Blog Quanell X's Statements

Michael Moore's New Film Sicko: Has this film affected your opinion on Universal Health Care? click his picture to comment the blog.

Michael Savage (Libertarian Radio Talk Show Personality):

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Rush Limbaugh: Voice of Truth or Voice of Self Service

Rush Limbaugh is the nation's #1 Radio talk show host. Many consider him one of the greatest American's of our time. His support of Bush and the war in Iraq have made him a top voice in Conservative Politics. However, some believe that Rush's "rants" are self serving and that his real agenda is simply his own. Sound off on this issue on our email database below!


Saudi Arabian Oil

The United imports more oil from Saudi Arabia than any other country in the world, with the exception of canada. The Bush family's close relationship with the Saudi royal family have kept this trade going for quite some time. How do you think this relationship has affected our ability to fight terrorism?

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